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Ear, Nose & Throat Services

Conditions affecting your ears, nose, and throat are often painful and interfere with your life. We provide solutions that get you back to feeling normal again.

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How We Can Help

Ear, nose and throat issues can be irritating and downright painful, but there are ways to treat them. Whether you're experiencing ear pain or are struggling to breathe through your nose, we can help you find the perfect solution that targets your pain at the source. Common areas where we customize care are:

  • Medicated Nasal Rinses (provide treatment at the site of the problem)
  • Ear Drops/Powders (for those pesky infections that won’t go away)
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Burning Mouth Syndrome
  • Radiation Burns in the Mouth
  • Thrush

Why Choose SpecialtyCare Pharmacy?


High-quality, medically-proven medications.


Service in Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky


A whole-body approach to wellness

We care about the little details.

SpecialtyCare is a compounding pharmacy, meaning we can customize dosage strength and form to whatever your unique preferences require. Whether removing preservatives or allergens or altering the medication form for better absorption, these adjustments are not an inconvenience. It's just what we do.

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