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Pediatric Services

We firmly believe our kids deserve the very best, so for us, that means going the extra mile to customize their care. As parents, it’s not always easy, but you don’t have to walk that wellness path alone. Let us assist you.

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How We Can Help

We’ve got you, parents. Just ask us, and we’ll be happy to walk alongside you on your child's healthcare journey. These are just a few examples of the cases when our pediatric services can help:

  • Your child prefers a specific flavor of medication.
  • Your teen has acne, but you’re not sold on using birth control for it.
  • Your child is on the spectrum and has specific likes and needs.
  • Your toddler has recurring ear infections.
  • Your baby has a diaper rash.

Why Choose SpecialtyCare Pharmacy?


Support for new moms and babies all the way to a teenager's struggle with acne


Service in Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky


A whole-body approach to wellness

We prioritize care for the whole family.

We do everything possible to make your child’s treatment plan as straightforward as possible. With fast prescription fills, home delivery, and easy prescription transfers, SpecialtyCare is convenient, but most of all, we care, and that personal attention is what really matters.

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