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Veterinary Services

We understand that pets are family, so they deserve the same care and attention we give to ourselves and other special people in our lives. Providing that care can be challenging sometimes.

Let’s face it, most animals don’t like taking medicine. There are simple solutions for this problem, and as a veterinary compounding pharmacy, we can help.

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Customized solutions for your pet

SpecialtyCare's Veterinary Compounding

We strive to keep your pet healthy and happy with less stressful treatment options. We provide customized compounding solutions to treat your animals for a variety of medical issues, such as fleas and ticks, ear mites, skin conditions, inflammation, cancer, and more.

Our compounding pharmacy can work with a variety of animals including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Exotic Pets

Why Choose SpecialtyCare Pharmacy?


Customized strength and dosage forms of veterinary medications


Flavored treats and other unique varieties of compounded medications


High-quality care and treatment options for the best care possible

Your pet's health matters to us.

Our trained compounding specialists are experts at knowing how to give your pet the most effective form of medication and can accommodate a variety of preferences, from chewable treats to liquid and cream forms.

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