5 Benefits of Our Custom Compounding Services


5 Benefits of Our Custom Compounding Services

May 30, 2023

Are traditional treatment methods not working for you? Do you wonder if other medication options could be available that provide better relief? Custom compounding services from Specialty Care Pharmacy could be the answer you’ve long been searching for! Every patient is unique which is why we are too! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because we each react and respond to medications in different ways. Here are 5 benefits of our custom compounding services:

1. Targeted, Customized Approach

Custom compounding is the process of combining, mixing or altering drug ingredients to create a medication that’s best suited to address the particular needs of the patient. This custom compounding process allows us to create customized medications, made from 2 or more drugs, conveniently all in one easy-to-take form. We work with your doctor to determine your specific medication needs and help you get back on the path to better help!

2. Easier to Ingest

capsules produced in compounding pharmacy

Have trouble swallowing big horse pills? Can your child can’t stand the taste of that cough syrup? Custom compounding services from Specialty Care Pharmacy can eliminate this problem completely! Since we control each step of the process from start to finish, we can control both the formulation and the dosage of these medications. We’re happy to create easy-to-use medications for a variety of different medical conditions.

3. Avoid Allergens

Many people can benefit from the custom compounding services, particularly those who suffer from allergies. In addition to the active ingredients, many medications are made with binders, fillers and dyes. Some patients find they are allergic to some of these compounds and suffer from allergic reactions that can potentially be fatal. Common allergens include peanut oil derivatives, dairy, wheat, corn, gelatin, coconut and potatoes. Through our custom compounding services, we can ensure you a medication completely free of anything you’re allergic to.

4. Order Specialty Drugs for Your Pet

 dog with big smile

If your child was sick, you’d probably look to obtain medicine to ease the symptoms and get to feeling better. Your pet is just as big a part of the family as everyone else, so why not do the same?! Our veterinary custom compounding services allow us to give that same level of high-quality care to your pets. These less stressful treatment options keep your pet healthy and happy by treating a variety of medical issues, like flea and ticks, ear mites, skin conditions, inflammation, cancer and more.

5. A Top-Notch Team By Your Side

We’re here for you at Specialty Care Pharmacy, no matter what you need! Our retail and compounding pharmacy staff is made of people who genuinely care about you as a person and work hard to provide you with the personal attention that helps you reach optimal levels of health! No matter your question, we’re always here to lend a helping hand so that you can be the best version of yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?! Schedule a consultation with Specialty Care Pharmacy today to experience these benefits of our custom compounding services for yourself! You’re just one call away from climbing the ladder to better health!

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